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On The Rock

What to do when you keep getting the same cards

Let’s reshuffle. That’s what Premier Alden McLaughlin has done with the ministries. 

Who’s got what?

Premier McLaughlin: Immigration, Human Resources (aka employment ministry. It deals with work permits, employment issues), Community Affairs, RCIPS (financing) Cabinet Office.

Hon. Dep. Premier Moses Kirkconnell: Tourism, Transport and District Admin.

Hon. Roy McTaggart: Finance and Economic Development.

Hon. Tara Rivers: Financial Services, Home Affairs (think: fire services, prisons, prisoner rehab. services and drug treatment services).

Hon. Juliana O’Connor Connolly: Education, Youth, Sports, Lands and Agriculture.

Hon. Joey Hew: Planning, Commerce and Infrastructure.

Hon. Dwayne Seymour: Environment, Health, Culture and Housing.

A different deck

The premier believes that the split of responsibilities of the Home Affairs & Human Resources ministries will enable govt.  to conduct immigration-labour reform, which critics say is one of the more controversial govt. agencies.

In a NUTSHELL: Announcement of Councillors coming soon.


What to say when your boss asks you about that contract

You’ll have it once all the I’s have been dotted and the T’s crossed.  The premier announced that deal between the PPM, CDP and Independents that was made to form this coalition govt. will be made public once the ink has dried.

What’s the hold up?

Independents were late to the game so their views have to be included as well. But the premier is confident that they’re on the same page, he said there’s no “serious differences” on key issues. The PPM is also willing to make a few compromises where necessary. It’s all in the name of Nat’l Unity.


Shoot out

15; the number of shots that were fired in the early morning hours of Saturday, 5 June at a home in GT.

Give us the deets

A man who was trying to avoid three men at a bar, jumped over a second floor railing, landed on a car and then took off running. As he ran down Myles Lane the three men fired shots at him. Shortly after meeting at a friend’s place a silver Honda drove by and the same three men opened fire on the man and his friend. They took off running and were able to dodge the bullets.

What do the police say

So far police have determined that 15 shots were fired, with many hitting the home on Myles Lane. They suspect this was a gang related incident and have made one arrest, a 24 year old man from WB for suspicion of attempted murder and possession of an unlicensed firearm.

In a NUTSHELL: Police also report that in response to the incident an armed officer accidently discharged his gun near the Roof Top bar. The gun was not aimed at anyone and no one was injured.



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