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Daily Nutshell News: Smile, it’s no longer Monday

On The Rock

Warning: Gross Indecency

Errington Webster claims he doesn’t remember committing an act of gross indecency that was caught on camera by a teenage girl.


You know Webster as a one-time political hopeful and a former firefighter. But now he’s being investigated for indecent assault.

Okay. Give us the deets

The teenage girl says Webster indecently assaulted her on four occasions. She claims that he would give her gifts (think: money, clothes, iPhone 6) in exchange for sexual favors. Webster and the girl had many conversations on the phone and via What’sApp, where he stated he wanted her to be “his girl” and that she could not have a boyfriend. The girl told police she had decided to film Webster because wanted the assaults to stop. However, she was afraid to tell her mother so she confided in her sister and a friend. A few weeks later another friend saw the video, asked for a copy and then showed the video to an adult who reached out to her the girl’s mother. Webster is claiming amnesia in regards to the incident on the video and is saying it wasn’t me to all other alleged incidents.


Better Call Saul

Ganja, cocaine and heroin were among the drugs found at a Safe Haven location. Three teenagers (think: two 18 year olds, one 19 year old) were arrested in connection with bust. Two of the men tried to bolt but were caught. They’re now on police bail.

In other drug related offenses

Police had a busy weekend. Arrests included a 31 year old man, near Walkers Rd. for having packets of ganja on him. On that same day, on WB Rd., police arrested a 21 year old for possession of ganja. Then on 3 June, two teenage boys from NS were caught with a small portion of ganja and a machete. Police also took 5 people into custody, after a drug raid, including a customs officer, three Venezuelan nationals and a woman from WB.

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