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On The Rock

In the case of death by dangerous driving

Guilty, that’s the plea entered by Conroy Nairne, the driver that caused a car crash back in 2015.

Remind me…

In the early hours of 14 Sept. 2015, Jessie Perry was the passenger in a car collision near SM Public Beach. The car exploded, leaving Perry with 80% of her body burned. She was transported to a hospital in Jamaica where she died a few weeks later.

What’s happening now?

After entering his plea on Friday, 2 June he is due back in court for sentencing on 18 July.


Perry was out that night celebrating her 21 birthday.


Govt. has to do better

That’s the general sentiment from MLA Arden McLean’s speech during the LA session held last Wednesday. He feels that Caymanians have been falling through the cracks. He hinted that “outdated and unconstitutional laws” are only benefiting a few.

More specifically:

He liked to see govt. focus on programmes and issues that are truly affecting Caymanians. Like Social services programmes (think: underfunded, understaffed), families losing their homes, jobs and businesses, as well as the failing education and immigration system.


Critics say that in the past the PPM- led govt. has only catered to wealthy and not enough to the common man.


Welcome to the Cayman Islands!

You can add Southwest to the list of airlines that fly to the CI.  On Sunday, 5 June the inaugural flight landed from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. This is a BD for DoT as they strive to bring more stay over visitors to the country. It’s also underscores the need for the expansion of the airport which is to be completed in 2018.  The director of tourism said it best, “…bigger airport, more people, more business is a great formula.”

The landing

Passengers received a grand welcome. As the plane landed it was sprayed by a fire truck’s water cannon, then a parade of dignitaries exited. Among the dignitaries were Miss Cayman Islands Anika Conolly, a man in a pirate costume, a Batabano dancer and the Southwest Airlines execs. The Cayman and American flags were hung in the cockpit and gifts were exchanged between Southwest execs and CI govt. officials.


You can catch a Southwest flight daily all year round to/fro Ft. Lauderdale.

P.S. It only takes about 91 minutes.


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