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Daily Nutshell News: “Don’t worry be happy”

On The Rock 

House in session

The first formal meeting of the L.A. took place on Wednesday 31 May. During the meeting MLAs sang the “let’s work together” song. Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller agreed to disagree with the govt. in a respectful manner. While MLA Kenneth Bryan promised not to hold any grudges against the PPM (see campaign trail).

First order of business…

Meanwhile, MLA Anthony Eden vowed to protect the Cayman Islands’ Christian heritage by ensuring same sex marriage isn’t legalized. He wants the premier to replace Human Rights Commission because he doesn’t believe a “person who is a confessed atheist can objectively deal with matters in a predominately Christian nation.”

The speaker of the house, Hon. McKeeva Bush, vowed to modernise Parliament so that it can function in today’s era. Op. Leader Ezzard Miller plans to get in on this action by helping Mr. Bush pass legislation to help revamp Parliament.

Setting the record straight…

I have full confidence in the premier. That’s the tune Hon. Moses Kirkconnell is singing. Earlier this week a statement from the independents claimed that Mr. Kirkconnell and Ms. O’Connor Connolly felt Mr. McLaughlin’s leadership untenable. *sips tea*


That’s how four college students will be greeting locals when they go to India for a month long summer program. Paging Drs. Lee ,Watt, Anglin and DaCosta to the operating room. These students were the highest performers in the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) and will have the opportunity to scrub in at Narayana Health Facility, which was the model for Health City. They’ll have their travel, accommodations and stipend all paid for by Health City.


Entertainment News

Too far

Comedian Kathy Griffiths gets axed from CNN after posting this controversial photo. *face palm* She is scheduled to give a press conference, today Friday 2 June, to explain her actions (this should be interesting).


No News over the weekend.

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