Daily Nutshell News:May the odds be ever in your favor

On The Rock

Be careful what you say… 

Cause you never know who’s listening. The  gov. will not be campaigning on a Nat’l lottery, said Minister Bodden. This clarification comes after a Bahamian article quoted him expressing his views on a Nat’l lottery. Although Minister Bodden is personally all for a Nat’l lottery, as he believes it will assist gov in generating more revenue for important things (think: education, healthcare, sports, social-services), it’s not on the government’s agenda for the upcoming elections.He recognizes that Cayman’s strong christian community would not be in favor of gambling and that any party that were to campaign on that issue would run the risk of not being elected. Minister Bodden claims he had no idea that the gentleman he was speaking with was a reporter and simply thought the man was involved in sports management.


Immigration scam saga continues…

Jonathon Piercy has vehemently denied being involved in the Paul Ebanks immigration scam. Mr. Piercy claims he only became aware of the scheme in late 2013 when the mother of his son mentioned her involvement, which by then she believed to be a scam.  He says he told her to file a police report. Mr. Piercy denied having any contact with Ebanks in regards to the scam, but said that Ebanks did contact him about an inheritance he received from his estranged late father. According to Mr. Piercy, Ebanks wanted his advice on what to do with the inheritance; but Mr. Piercy was skeptical of the source of the inheritance and advised him to consult a lawyer. Mr. Piercy also mentioned that soon after he declared as a UDP candidate for 2013 elections Ebanks began offering him money, $10,000 to be exact, to help fund his campaign, however, he refused to take the cash. Given his knowledge of the immigration law, Mr. Piercy says he would have immediately recognize the offer as a scam.


What to talk about with your football obsessed S.O.

Legendary footballer, Sammy Smyth passed away  last week, at his home in South Sound, at the age of 91. Smyth, a Northern Irishman, was best known for scoring an unbelievable winning goal for Wolverhamptons in the 1949 FA Cup Final. According to UK reports Mr. Smyth “scored the winning goal by dribbling the ball from the halfway line before smashing it in the net to secure a 3-1 win against Leicester City.”  His daughter, Sheena Conolly, said that Mr. Smyth was a humble man, who although suffered from Alzheimer’s, maintained his kind nature, good humor and passion for sports. Ms. Conolly says she was surprised at all the UK media attention her father’s death has received. In honor of his memory the flags at Wolves Molineux stadium were flown at half-staff. Mr. Smyth was also a cricketer and captain and president of Clandeboye Golf Club in Northern Ireland. Although being a football legend, Ms. Conolly said he always said that meeting her mother was the best thing that ever happened to him. -cue all the feels


No News over the weekend.

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