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Daily Nutshell News: What’s done in the dark

On The Rock

The police have 99 problems and discrimination is one…

10 Caymanian police officers who brought a human rights case based on discrimination have had their case put on hold. The officers claim they were being discriminated against on the basis of age and nationality and that they were being forced to retire or to take a demotion at age 55. However the gov. lawyers are claiming that only one of the ten officers has a legitimate case and are therefore seeking to have the other nine officers claims “time barred” from the case because they did not submit their challenge within the required 12 month time frame set out by the constitution. The Rebuttal:The officers’ lawyer argued that the discrimination continued after the nine officers accepted a demotion and therefore the 12 month time frame should not apply to them.The case adjourned so both parties can prepare arguments on the time frame limit.


The fall that broke them all.. 

Mike McLaughlin is suing his fmr. employer, Superior Drywall, for over $80,000 for injuries he sustained while on the job. Mr. McLaughlin fractured his spine, leg and a number of other places, three years ago, while working at the Health City construction site.

What happened?

According to Mr. McLaughlin his supervisor had asked him to climb on top of a 40 foot container to oversee the closing of damaged doors. His supervisor and a co-worker were operating a forklift truck to close the doors when the machine slipped and the prongs of the forklift flung him off the container. Mr. McLaughlin claims that while he was recovering from the accident he was let go from his job and lost his health insurance. Now he’s struggling to find work that he can physically handle, he currently works part-time for a family member.


What to say when something just doesn’t feel right…

The victims of Dr. Jamel Khan (psst! you know him as the doc who has been charged with 11 counts of sexual offenses) say that they did not speak out initially because they felt no one would believe them and that they blamed themselves for the assault. This week the court heard how Dr. Khan used his chiropractor practice to gain the trust of his female clients. He would often claim to be massaging them when would touch them inappropriately. The assaults came to light when a woman made a complaint to the Health Practice Commission earlier this year claiming to have been indecently assaulted and she believed that he had taken pictures of her as well. The police were then able to search his home and practice where they seized his harddrive, which later revealed photos of his victims. Since then about a dozen women have stepped forward claiming they too were assaulted.

In a Nutshell:

According to Dr. Khan’s lawyer, Dr. Khan has already started seeking professional help and that he is deeply remorseful. Although Dr. Khan has status he has decided to return to his home country after serving his time.

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