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Daily Nutshell News: Do you feel it too?

On The Rock

No, never, absolutely not…

This week DG Franz Manderson testified in the trial of Paul Ebanks (you know him as the man accused of running an immigration scam). When questioned on his alleged involvement in the scam DG Manderson said that Ebanks was never employed on his behalf and that he never had any deal with opp. leader Big MAC or Ellio Solomon in regards to the status grants. DG Manderson went on to explain the process by which someone can obtain status. He did acknowledge that he was aware that his name was being used to legitimize the scam and he said that he advised people to report it to the police. He also made complaints to the police on the matter.

In Nutshell:

Ebanks is charged with obtaining $164,700 by deception by convincing members of the public to pay $2000 for status or permanent residency. The scam took place from July 2012 to Dec. 2014. Ebanks used prominent people in society to validate the scheme. Ebanks has previously been to jail for running a similar scam.

An election stay

Delroy Murray, fmr. pres. of the CI Athletics Association (CIAA) was granted an injunction to put the org’s election on hold. He claims that members of the governing body have been recruiting supporters as new members in order to secure their spot in the upcoming election. Murray says that according to the association’s rules members have to be paid in full for at least one year in order to vote. The association has been instructed to provide receipts and other supporting evidence documenting current members. Court hearing set for Nov. 1

In a Nutshell:

Recently the association has been under a lot of heat, after an administration error prevented hurdler Ronald Forbes from competing at the World Indoor Championships and a Coach that has been accused of indecent assault.  – not a good look for the association.


Save the Cove

Gov. has decided to use $5m from the Environmental Protection Fund to purchase Smith Cove. This comes after developers revealed that the land near Smith Cove was set to be developed for Condos. The news brought much public outcry as the Cove is a beloved beachfront area and has historical significance.

In a Nutshell:

Over the last several years public access to beachfront areas have been considerably restricted along SMB and South Sound. So this is a big win for the people.


No Fly Zone

AirVu, a CI based company, provided drone surveillance for the presidential debates in Las Vegas and NY.Staff from Cayman were at the security command center with U.S. Secret Service monitoring unmanned aerial vehicles in the area.-v. cool


Something in the air…

The Nat’l Weather Service says that we can expect rough seas, heavy rainfall and wind for the rest of the week. Boaters are to be cautious as seas could rise to about 4 to 6 ft with winds up to 15 to 20 knots until the weekend. -bring on the sweet christmas breeze.



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