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I bid you farewell

CoP David Baines has officially left his post and the country this week; but not before he did a little finger pointing. Baines made sure to point out that politics had a lot to do with why he couldn’t continue as CoP. “The entire probe was a political attempt, and a successful one, to stop me doing my job.”-he’s referring to the 20-something complaints made by govt. back bencher Bernie Bush. The gov. reviewed the complaints and they were deemed to be baseless. Some of the issues that fueled the public’s concerns are the theft of a large quantity of drugs, the hiring of a Jamaican armed officer who was later convicted of murder as well as the recent handling of the search and rescue mission for the missing 5 at sea. However, Baines highlighted the good work he’s done as CoP stating that he modernized the force, stepped up police training, tackled gangs and stopped killings among other things. He also mentioned that politicians have a responsibility to the public to help vulnerable families, speed up the court system and help at risk youth before they get into the criminal justice system, which are all things that can help reduce crime.

When someone betrays your trust

Co-defendants Kamau F. Elliot-Ebanks and Meisha Y. Gordon were found guilty of stealing US$1000. 

The Story

On March 8, 2015 the complainant went to the airport to meet a woman from her church to give her a bag to carry to her son in Jamaica. However, she did not see the woman, but did recognize Gordon and asked if her friend Elliot-Ebanks would be willing to carry the bag as well as US$1,000 to Jamaica for her son. Elliot-Ebanks agreed to carry the bag as well as the money. The son waited at the airport for Elliot-Ebanks but never saw her and he did not get the bag or the money. Elliot-Ebanks claims that she did not see the son at the airport and ended up cutting her trip short, and returning to Cayman with the bag, due to threatening msgs she was receiving. She denied ever receiving money at the airport.

The trial

Gordon and Elliot-Ebanks represented themselves in the trial. Gordon tried to suggest that the complainant had taken the money back from Elliot-Ebanks. But the complainant denied this. The magistrate pointed out many holes in the defendants’ stories and believed they had taken advantage of the complainant’s trust.


Another Sunset in paradise

Roger Enrico, a 71 year old US citizen passed away after experiencing difficulties while snorkeling. He was transported via the Joint Marine Unit vessel to an ambulance at the GT Yacht Club. He was later pronounced dead at the GT Hospital just after 3 p.m. Enrico was a former PepsicCo. chief executive who helped the company develop the Pepsi Challenge.

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