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On The Rock

What to say when it looks like some unions aren’t meant to be

Govt. wants the Complaints Commissioner’s office and the Information Commissioner’s office to get married.

What’s the Objection?

Acting Info. Commissioner Jan Liebaers says if this happens we can practically kiss our Data Protection Bill goodbye because it won’t pass with the EU. This means that Cayman won’t receive the coveted Adequacy Status award for personal data protection.

Why would it fail?

Because the EU requires that the entity that deals with data protection be completely independent. Translation: this wedding is not a good idea. The CI has been working tirelessly since 2009 to come up with a personal data protection system and this wedding threatens that.

Where are we now

At the moment the Data Protection Bill is set to go to the LA this month. This is the 3rd time (3rd’s a charm) officials have attempted to implement this legislation. This is a key piece of legislation, esp. for the financial services sector, as it will protect personal privacy rights and will dictate how businesses and even govt. deals with personal records.


How sweet it is to be loved by you

In about a month Michelle Bouchard moved almost $1 million from a joint account she had with Mr. Handford (reminder: she’s being accused of stealing from him). But she didn’t do so in one lump some, instead she moved the money in small amounts to 4 different accounts in her home country, Canada. The prosecution believes that she moved the money in small amounts so as not raise any suspicion with the bank. But Bouchard claims that she had permission from Mr. Handford to transfer the money and that it was his way of giving her financial security. This $1 million is in addition to the $500,000 she claims was a gift from Mr. Handford. Bouchard’s journals were also investigated and the defense says that the journals supported Bouchard’s claims. 


I spy with my little eye

Two men running away from the scene of the crime. – CI Prison Service is now using drones as part of its security surveillance. The drones have already helped prison officers find a large amount of drugs. On April 13 prison officers were able to spot two men who had thrown the ganja onto the prison compound. The incident took place during a routine drone training session at the prison. After notifying the police the prison officers moved to where the men were spotted but they had already gotten away. The prison is vulnerable to these type of incidents because of it location.


Around The World

The Big Apple 

Yesterday New Yorkers took to the polls to have their say in who should rep. the Dems. and the Repubs.

So what happened?

This was a tough one because 3 of the remaining 5 candidates hail from the Big Apple. But as predicted Hillz and The Donald came out on top. The Donald had a huge win coming close to taking all 95 of New  York’s delegates. This could go a long way in helping The Donald win the GOP nom. outright. A Republican candidate needs 1,237 delegates to win the nom. On the Dem. side Hillz lead won 98% of the votes.  


What everyone is talking about

Ecuador. At least 272 people were killed and 2500 were injured after an earthquake of 7.8 hit the coast of Ecuador. The earthquake happened on Saturday around 7 p.m. Manabi Province suffered a lot of damage; about 200 people died there.  Currently rescue workers are digging through rubble and still finding signs of life.



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  1. Please keep my daughter Jaesha Maliya Hendrix Solomon episodes as a sequeal. Time missing from society equals she left the island illegally? Time missing from society equals dead, because it comes to costly to maintain someone? I am the mother and I positively know the last time I heard from her she was in fear for her life, so the story is………..


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