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Guess we finally know what’s in the bag…

At approx. 8:45p.m. on Wednesday two men robbed a jewelry store at Camana Bay. One of the men was pretending to shop before he pulled a gun on the store attendant and demanded that merchandise be put in the bag; while his partner guarded the store entrance. The men got away with an unknown quantity of diamonds. No shots were fired and no one was injured. The perps were caught on the store security cameras, allowing police to put out this description.

When age isn’t just a number…

The Commissioner of Police and the Attorney General are being sued by 13 officers of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) on the grounds of age discrimination.

What’s the lawsuit about?

Their lawsuit challenges the mandatory retirement age and the terms of re-employment under contract. According to Police law, for those officers hired before 2010 the mandatory retirement age is 55, however officers may chose to stay on until the age of 60 under certain conditions.

So what’s the problem?

In the suit they claimed that the Police Law (2010) Revisions discriminate on the basis of age against officers who joined the force before 2010.They also claim that those officers who chose to stay on till the age of 60 were given less extension time than their English colleagues.

What to tell your cousin before they embark on the journey…

Be sure your vessel is sound and you stock up on enough food and water. The number of Cuban migrants is on the rise, Immigration Authorities currently have 137 Cuban migrants in custody, which is more than half of the total migrants detained last year. The Government is responsible for their well-being and has spent $1.2m this year alone. By law the public is prohibited from assisting migrants whether on land or at sea this includes providing shelter, food or water.

What to say to your mom when she says you never call…

It’s not my fault. If you noticed on Tuesday that your calls weren’t going through, you weren’t the only one. A lightening strike caused telephone network failures across the island, leaving customers only able to call numbers with the same network provider. Currently The Information and Communication Technology Authority (I.C.T.A.) (psst! they’re the ones responsible for regulating these telecom providers) is going to have a little sit down with the Big 4: Logic, Flow, Digicel & C3 to help them improve telecoms infrastructure.

Develop your Cayman Kind skills…  

The Ministry of Tourism has partnered with Johnson & Wales University to provide Hospitality students with the ultimate educational experience. Thanks to this partnership Caymanians interested in this field will be eligible for additional funding, upon meeting certain criteria, from Johnson & Wales to complete their Bachelor degree.

The Rich & Famous 

Is it too late now to say sorry…

Manny Pacquaio is apologizing after comparing gay people to animals in a video interview. Pacquaio is a senate hopeful for the May 2016 elections in the Philippines. Nike has since dropped Pacquaio, calling his comments “abhorrent.” Talk about a KO. Pacquaio apologized via twitter stating “please forgive me for those I’ve hurt.”

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